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Belle's Bistro

Closed Monday/Tuesday

Bistro Wednesday/Thursday (Limited Menu)

Starting August 11th, Belle's Bistro will have a limited menu on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Wednesday  Choice of Sandwich/wrap served with chips and salsa; Chicken Salad Wrap, BLT, PB&J, Pimento Cheese (add bacon $2) cup or bowl of chili.

Thursday Sandwiches/chili listed above PLUS all burgers with fries, and chicken tenders.
Upcharge fries $2.50 on all sandwiches

Easter/Mothers Day Reservations only

Delicious food with a breath-taking view... does it get any better that that? 

At Belle's Bistro, we are passionate about local ingredients, creativity, and flavor. We believe the best way to prepare food is to start with the best ingredients. Chattooga Belle Farm employs permaculture techniques to create the fertile soil from which we will derive our fresh produce. We serve our customers fresh, interesting, great tasting combinations of food prepared in creative ways by our culinary team. And our goal is to create an atmosphere of comfort, enjoyment and serenity for our community.


Belle's Bistro only serves farm fresh, mouth-watering greatness.