Chattooga Belle Farm Team

Chattooga Belle Farm is owned by Ed and Kitty Land.  Ed is full-time at the farm, managing the farming, building, retail, and services divisions of the business.  In addition to her full time job outside the farm, Kitty partners with him helps in all areas of operation. It takes a large team of employees to ensure that things run smoothly on the farm, and Ed and Kitty are gratefully to all of their farm hands, restaurant workers, store helpers, caterers and bartenders. 

DANA LAIRD, Business & HR Manager

PAM HEADAPOHL, Catering Manager

EMMA HERSHBERGER, Weddings Manager

LIBBY IMBODY, Marketing & Creative Director

TERRY KING, Roadside Market Manager

MELISSA SMART, Belle's Bistro Manager

 SHERYL WHITE, Farm Store Manager